JH Cladding

Combining wood fibre, sand, cement and water creates one of the most durable, versatile and robust exterior cladding products in the world. And nobody is better at making fibre cement than James Hardie. For homes that are destined to be painted a dark colour, James Hardie fibre cement cladding is the best choice.

Benefits of James Hardie fibre cement cladding

Highly durable:

Fibre cement cladding products are resistant to mould, rot, insects and bacteria.


Once installed, there is no risk of shrinkage, warping, cracking or resin bleed.


Fibre cement is non-combustible and resistant to fire.

Cooler in summer:

Cement composite building materials can deliver significant benefits on warm days, because they cool rapidly at night.

Suitable for dark paint colours:

Fibre cement can be painted dark colours, even black, without concerns about heat damage from sun exposure.


James Hardie products are guaranteed for between 15 and 25 years, depending on the product.

James Hardie Linea™ cladding

Linea weatherboard is a classic bevelback weatherboard that provides the benefits of fibre cement and the appearance of traditional timber bevelback.

James Hardie Linea Oblique cladding

Linea Oblique weatherboard is a rusticated profile that can be installed both horitzontally and vertically. It’s available in two widths – 200mm and 300mm.

James Hardie Axon cladding

Available in smooth and woodgrain finishes, Axon panel is an alternative to traditional vertical shiplap cladding. The vertical lines add texture and a feeling of height to building designs.

James Hardie Titan™ facade panel

Titan is a facade panel with a joint finish that provides a modern, panelised look. It’s popular for contemporary homes and commercial buildings.

James Hardia Stria™ cladding

Stria cladding features a wide-format shiplap look with deep-grooved lines. It can be installed horizontally or vertically.


Taylor Superclad supplies and installs Jamies Hardie fibre cement cladding systems in the Auckland region. We have an impeccable track record that has made us cladding partner of choice for many of Auckland’s leading group builders.