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Sustainably-grown western red cedar cladding has a huge following in New Zealand. Cedar is recognised as a wood with special characteristics. The native people of British Columbia in Canada called cedar ‘the tree of life’, because it was such a versatile building material. Use of cedar for building stretches back thousands of years.

Benefits of cedar cladding

Naturally durable:

Cedar is durable in above-ground exposure conditions, so it’s ideal for exterior applications such as cladding.


The western red cedar weatherboards supplied and installed by Taylor Superclad are sourced from FSC-certified forests in North America and milled in New Zealand.

Thermal efficiency:

Cedar cladding provides a level of insulation, helping to keep homes cool in summer and warmer in winter.

Choice of finishes:

Cedar cladding is available as smooth dressed or rough bandsawn. It can be stained, oiled or painted, depending on the desired appearance for the cladding.

Easy maintenance:

An annual wash down, plus reapplication of stain or oil according to manufacturer’s instructions.


The resins in cedar help to deter insects and rodents.

Guaranteed for 15 years:

And expected to last much longer, if cladding is installed correctly and regularly maintained.

Cedar shiplap

Cedar shiplap is a vertical weatherboard system that’s favoured by architects who want to enhance home designs with the natural appearance of wood.

Cedar bevelback

The use of cedar bevelback weatherboards dates back to North American early-settlers’ homes of the 17th century. It is certainly a time-honoured approach to home cladding.

Why choose Taylor Superclad
to supply and install Cedar Cladding?

Taylor Superclad supplies and installs high quality cedar cladding systems in the Auckland region. We have an impeccable track record that has made us cladding partner of choice for many of Auckland’s leading group builders.
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