BGC Cladding

BGC manufactures quality fibre cement cladding products with distinctive profiles that give homes an architecturally-designed feeling.


Taylor Superclad are fully-conversant with the BGC range of innovative cladding products, so we can confidently supply and install them for projects in the greater Auckland region.

Benefits of BGC fibre cement cladding

Highly durable:

Fibre cement cladding products are resistant to mould, rot, insects and bacteria.


Once installed, there is no risk of shrinkage, warping, cracking or resin bleed.


Fibre cement is non-combustible and resistant to fire.

Low maintenance:

An annual wash down, plus reapplication of coating every 8 to 10 years.

Cooler in summer:

Cement composite building materials can deliver significant benefits on warm days, because they cool rapidly at night.


BGC warrants its products to be free from defects caused by defective materials or workmanship (manufacturer) for a period of 15 years.

BGC Nuline™ Plus

BGC Nuline Plus echoes the look of timber weatherboards. It has a tongue-in-groove fitting system that ensures consistent joins for a perfect result.

BGC Stratum™

BGC Stratum is a fibre cement plank that’s 300mm wide with a 16mm horizontal joint. It is a modern alternative to the traditional bevelback weatherboard profile.

BGC Durascape™

BGC Durascape is a 9mm-thick base sheet that’s great for covering large areas. It has a 5mm shiplap joint to provide a vertical shadowline.

BGC Stratum Duo

BGC Stratum Duo fibre cement plank is 300mm wide with a 16mm groove in the centre of the plank, which gives the appearance of two narrower planks.

BGC Stratum Contour

BGC Stratum Contour fibre cement plank cladding is 170mm wide with a 2mm indentation at the top.

BGC Duragroove™

BGC Duragroove is a vertically-grooved panel with a shiplap joint that’s available in three variants: smooth wide (150mm); smooth narrow (100mm); and woodgrain wide (150mm).


Taylor Superclad has been supplying and installing fibre cement cladding systems in the Auckland region for more than 30 years. We have an impeccable track record that has made us cladding partner of choice for many of Auckland’s leading group builders.